March 26, 2014

They've got Planes and Trains and Cars

I think if we saw everyone we came in contact with for who they truly were, we would feel so much love towards them, it would be physically impossible to have hard feelings towards anyone. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with how much our Heavenly Father must love each of us.

I miss my sweet cousin Eli who would tell me I look beautiful and would dance with me and play with my hair and come up with stories about how I would meet my husband. He's seven.
I miss all my California cousins.

I have enough money to run away.
I could make it pretty far.
I've saved up enough to buy a one way ticket any where in the world.
But I guess maybe I'll use that for college. Or sumfin.

March 25, 2014

Lulz. I'm Literally ROFLing RN.

Tweet of the day:
How done is this white girl?
100% done.
110% done.
So done.
She can't even.

I'm not even kidding. I don't think I'm just going to visit India next summer for a couple weeks. I think I'm going to move there. For a few months. Maybe a few years. I need to get away from these people and things that have been eating at me for too long. And running away might not solve that, but at least the sky is bluer.

March 11, 2014


There was this one time we went on a man hunt.
But like I still haven't asked anyone to MORP.

T-Swizzle is my main man.
Her songs hit me in the feels.
Also A Great Big World.
But mostly T-Swizzle.

Ariel tried to teach me to twerk.
But obviously it didn't work.

If I can raise my ACT score by 1 point
I can get the presidential scholarship at USU.
Except physics. Physics will probs ruin that.

I learn more about physics watching Mythbusters
than I actually do in real life physics. Holla.

We got swag 4 lyfe and we'll make a good wife.

I'm definitely crushing on this sophomore I met
over the summer. And my aunt is setting me up
with him, and I ain't even mad. Holla.

I have "mysophobic tendencies." 
And it kind of scares me.
I have a phobia of my phobia. Holla.

A year from now I will be ordering off 
of informercials like nobodies business.
Also I will buy a monkey.

Also I'm 17. Which is mentioned in approx 15 thousand
songs. So this year is going to be the best. Holla.

March 6, 2014


We live in a world of black and white that is quickly turning into gray.
And I'm turning gray right along side it.
I'm becoming an infinite mediocracy.
I'm not mean, I'm not nice.
I'm not ugly, I'm not pretty.
I'm not stupid, I'm not smart.
There was a time when I knew exactly who I wanted to be.
And I still know who I want to be,
But I don't know who I am.
When people think of me what do they think?
When they talk about me what do they say?
They don't say she's the writer like Ariel,
Or the singer like Alyssa,
Or the sweetheart like Holly,
Or the adventurer like Emma.
Or the beautiful girl like Riley,
Or the nice girl like Liz.
I am just one of those infinite gray people with no real significance.
I'm not anything.
And I'm fading into the gray person in the gray world.