March 11, 2014


There was this one time we went on a man hunt.
But like I still haven't asked anyone to MORP.

T-Swizzle is my main man.
Her songs hit me in the feels.
Also A Great Big World.
But mostly T-Swizzle.

Ariel tried to teach me to twerk.
But obviously it didn't work.

If I can raise my ACT score by 1 point
I can get the presidential scholarship at USU.
Except physics. Physics will probs ruin that.

I learn more about physics watching Mythbusters
than I actually do in real life physics. Holla.

We got swag 4 lyfe and we'll make a good wife.

I'm definitely crushing on this sophomore I met
over the summer. And my aunt is setting me up
with him, and I ain't even mad. Holla.

I have "mysophobic tendencies." 
And it kind of scares me.
I have a phobia of my phobia. Holla.

A year from now I will be ordering off 
of informercials like nobodies business.
Also I will buy a monkey.

Also I'm 17. Which is mentioned in approx 15 thousand
songs. So this year is going to be the best. Holla.

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