March 6, 2014


We live in a world of black and white that is quickly turning into gray.
And I'm turning gray right along side it.
I'm becoming an infinite mediocracy.
I'm not mean, I'm not nice.
I'm not ugly, I'm not pretty.
I'm not stupid, I'm not smart.
There was a time when I knew exactly who I wanted to be.
And I still know who I want to be,
But I don't know who I am.
When people think of me what do they think?
When they talk about me what do they say?
They don't say she's the writer like Ariel,
Or the singer like Alyssa,
Or the sweetheart like Holly,
Or the adventurer like Emma.
Or the beautiful girl like Riley,
Or the nice girl like Liz.
I am just one of those infinite gray people with no real significance.
I'm not anything.
And I'm fading into the gray person in the gray world.


  1. More like we say "the hilarious girl who always knows what to say to make your day."

  2. Addie you are completely pinks and pale yellows and sky blues and the farthest farthest thing from grays.